Western Australian Tournaments

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Board No: 13
Dealer: N, Vul: ALL, Room Datum: 60
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 Burn Team23 Schokman Team1NT SJH790  00
2 Ohlsen Team5 Steer Team1S S4C6 100 -55
3 Prince Team14 Matthews Team1NT W6D6100  00
4 Belonogoff Team6 Bieganski Team2D NKH890  5-5
5 Steer Team2 Ohlsen Team2S EAD7100  5-5
6 Bieganski Team4 Belonogoff Team1S EAD7 80 -55
7 Cooke Team11 Bieganski Team2D NKH890  00
8 Hood Team13 Fuller Team1NT S5H8120  00
9 Blight Team22 Dutton Team1NT S6H790  00
10 Fuller Team24 Daly Team1NT S5H8120  1-1
11 Bieganski Team7 Cooke Team1NT SJH790  00
12 Wood Team19 Driscoll Team1NT S5H9150  6-6
13 Fuller Team8 Hood Team1NT S5H8120  00
14 Matthews Team3 Prince Team1NT S4C790  00
15 McNeill Team18 Fraser Team2S EAD8 110 -11
16 Beddow Team17 Free Team1NT N2S5 200 -77
17 Free Team16 Beddow Team2D NKH890  7-7
18 Fraser Team15 McNeill Team1S E8H7 80 1-1
19 Driscoll Team12 Wood Team3D NKH8 100 -66
20 Steer Team21 Wilson Team1NT S5H8120  1-1
21 Wilson Team20 Steer Team2S E5C7100  -11
22 Dutton Team9 Blight Team1NT S4C790  00
23 Schokman Team1 Burn Team1NT N2S790  00
24 Daly Team10 Fuller Team1NT N2S790  -11

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1NT by NS+21501
1NT by NS+11204
2S by EW-11002
1NT by EW-11001
1NT by NS=907
2D by NS=903
1S by EW=-802
3D by NS-1-1001
1S by NS-1-1001
2S by EW=-1101
1NT by NS-2-2001

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