Western Australian Tournaments

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Team 26 - LEWIS Team
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Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW
Board 1924: CLARK Team 3NT W10-630 4S W11650   201   -63001
Board 2024: CLARK Team 4S N11650 4S N11-650   00      
Board 2124: CLARK Team 3H W7100 3NT N7200   3007   -5044
Board 2224: CLARK Team 3S W8100 3S E8-100   00   601-1
Board 2324: CLARK Team 2C E8-90 1H S7-80   -170-5   -50-1-4
Board 2424: CLARK Team 4S S11450 3C N12-170   2807   42016
Board 2524: CLARK Team 4H S9-50 4S S950   00   30-22
Board 2624: CLARK Team 3S W8100 1C E9110   2105   -1033
Board 2724: CLARK Team 2S E10-170 4D S10-130   -300-7   -140-1-7
Total8  54

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